There is nothing more unattractive than a girl getting really into country music

A statement I made recently needed slightly more exposition, so I am posting right now to re-state and then further state.

Original Statement:

There is nothing more unattractive than a girl getting really into country music

And I will clarify I am talking about these girls who just seem to get seized up by the spirit of faux southern living and get all their hands up and flailing about as they close their eyes and start reciting the words to these (usually awful) songs as if they are fulfilling their earthly destiny with each word that leaves their mouths, while they hop up and down in their cowboy boots as they wait for the first man in a John Deere hat to approach them so that she may birth his children.

That’s what I mean when I say ‘getting really into country music’ — enjoying it, dancing, and what not, to me it is unfortunate, but there ain’t nothin wrong with it, but those types.. well.. I don’t know if I should be praying for myself or them.

a promise

I’ll refertilize the Earth with fresh minds like a new green cut of lettuce picked from the garden on a dewey spring day.

no effort – Facebook Pasting I

I wanted to post something, but I didn’t want to take the time to finish writing anything. So I copy and paste delirious facebook ramblings and call it blog! Italicizing myself for dramatic, confucian/bozoean effect



James Curtis

I’ve finally won
Robert Bolgeo

for real?
James Curtis

Via choosing different races
handicapped ones
I have won
Robert Bolgeo

what are you talking about?
James Curtis

I will no longer not not be respected
I am talking about the punk movemet
Robert Bolgeo

no you aren’t
and if you are, you haven’t won
unless in the punk movement winning means losing
James Curtis

I have won
Quitting = winning
not quitting
transcendance is achieving victory
and fulfillment is baking your heart until the bread is warm
Robert Bolgeo

i’ll take that.
James Curtis

holding on is breaking your heart until it is stale bread
and crumbs that lead to a person who is no longer there
is all you will be
And they overestimate a beating heart
because sometimes it is only beating itself
Robert Bolgeo

are you writing me poetry?
James Curtis

I don’t write poetry
and I don’t write it to you, either
Robert Bolgeo

wrong on both accounts
James Curtis

Someone is wrong
and it is usually everyone in the room
When the room empties
the only thing left is the prosperity of incorrection
breeding like bacteria underneath the pit of the earth
Robert Bolgeo

James Curtis

If I could choose
I would never become a poet
but I would gladly become a bard
Robert Bolgeo

i would love to see you a bard
travelling from town to town
regailing the peasants with tales from the kingdom
James Curtis

It is hard to continue my incoherent chickerings with you interjecting every 80 pixels
Robert Bolgeo

i don’t want you to chicker me
nor do i want you to chicker me out
James Curtis

It is not you who I am chickering
It is the wind I chicker to
you just stand in the way
please move
please move
but the wind blows me still
in your direction
please move
please move
I am not a sail boat
Robert Bolgeo

stop your bardetry! it makes me regret my lack of inspiration recently
James Curtis

Robert Bolgeo

oh snap

To do list

This was an unpublished draft from January 16, 2010.

Unpublished no more.


To do list of a common citizen

Wake up
Go back to sleep
Wake up a couple hours later (improvement).
Think about fences
Don’t die of carbon monoxide poisoning
Don’t get the Inspector Gadget theme song stuck in my head
Be overcome by paranoia for 10 good minutes
Don’t break or hurt anything while paranoid
Consider the pros and cons to climbing a fence versus digging under it
Stay inspired for longer than I can hold my breath
Work on improving how long I can hold my breath
Show some concern over my heart rate
See the sun today
Don’t look at the sun
Have the wisdom to not say anything more
Figure out what impact an electric fence will have on my electric bill
See her today
Don’t look at her
Wish you had looked at her
Feed me
Come up with an effective way to remind myself to eat sooner next time
Find a dog to antagonize
Be more considerate of ‘her’ heart rate
Eat a couple more times
Go to bed
Engage in intense self-loathing for my earlier foolishness
Commit to making a to do list that takes more than 45 minutes of my time tomorrow
Find a good distraction
Fall asleep at some point
Don’t die of carbon monoxide poisoning