Atonement: this was either spot on, or the biggest pile of BS I’ve ever presented

But it was relevant to myself, because this is the never ending path I am finding myself on, and the biggest current theme in my life right now:

The path to atonement, the “redemption story” — it is something I’ve thought a lot about (it is one of my favorite character arcs), and I don’t think that such a thing is possible– in the sense, that if someone does something or is a certain person at some point in their history, and does something that betrays who they later learn they should be, and want to be, then they can’t just commit a few good acts, or one ultimate selfless effort that grew out of a culmination of character reversal and thus be redeemed.

Despite this, I do think that one can find who they are looking to become on that path to atonement, but only by never accepting the concept of atonement, and rather always seeking to atone for this horrible person they felt that they had inside of them, and erase all memories of that guilt. By never ceasing to absolutely oppose the former, in that sense, in a purely character (human being) arc manner, one can complete a redemption story; by incompletion.

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